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LTA-UI-1024x576LiveToAir brings the world into your studio.

Engage your viewers. Offer them content that delivers multiple points of view. Encourages debate. Challenges assumptions. In short, offer them those unique moments that can only come when people interact, and their passions and convictions come to the surface. It’s all possible with LiveToAir. LiveToAir provides the most comprehensive and cost effective solution in the market for integrating multiple web-connected video guests into your productions. It provides broadcast quality video over standard HD-SDI connections, with a range of audio connection options to match the exact needs of your production workflow. And all at a price that fits into today’s production budgets.  

Power And Simplicity For Realtime Productions

Website-FeaturesMore Than Feature Lists: Real Capabilities

Great products deliver where it counts – in the studio and on the screen. LiveToAir delivers on both fronts, with capabilities and configuration options to support any production environment, and the control needed to dial-in great ON-AIR image and sound.
Multiple Operating Modes:
  • Multi Guest – This mode lets you bring up to four remote guests into a single production, automatically handling mix-minus audio for each of the guests and sending them all a common video and audio return feed.
  • Independent Guest – This mode provides independent operation of each of the guest channels. Each guest can now receive his or her own video and audio return feed, and the automatic audio mix-minus is disabled. This mode allows LiveToAir to be used as a common resource across multiple simultaneous productions, or as an externally managed single production.
  • Floating Output – This mode allows the operator to choose a single output video and audio port, and then dynamically select which On-Air guest’s signals will be sent out of this port. This is ideal for productions with limited switcher ports available.
Comprehensive Video and Audio Adjustments:
  • Gamma and contrast adjustments for each guest video feed
  • Zoom and position adjustments for each guest video feed
  • Full control of all audio levels both to and from each guest
  • Adaptive video and audio streams that can adjust to changes in network throughput
Multiple Connection Options:
  • Individual HD-SDI video outputs with embedded audio for each connected guest
  • Two network based output feeds based on NewTek’s AirSend forTriCaster
  • A single ‘Quad’ feed combining all four guests into a single HD-SDIvideo/audio stream – ideal for use in multi-box sets

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