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WorldCast Systems designs and develops a wide range of innovative broadcast equipment for the Radio and TV markets worldwide.

Encompassing the leading brands APT, Ecreso and Audemat, our product range includes audio codecs, FM transmitters, RF signal monitoring, RDS encoders, audio processors and remote site control units, designed to meet the needs of both large international broadcast networks and small private stations alike.

Widely used throughout Australia, WorldCast Systems APT Codecs count major public and commercial broadcasters and telecom operators amongst our local customers but we also supply smaller, local and community broadcasters who are just as important to us as a company.

Pacific Live Media represent APT in the Australian Broadcast Market, comprised of the following products:


APT SureStream Technology is a revolutionary innovation from APT that enables broadcasters to use inexpensive IP links and still maintain professional broadcast-grade audio quality and reliability. It delivers the audio quality and reliability you expect from a T1/E1 link at a fraction of the associated cost.

For broadcasters who wish to benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by SureStream but don’t want to invest in new Codec hardware, the APT SureStreamer is the perfect solution. APT SURESTREAMER can sit in front of any existing single port IP Audio Codec from any manufacturer enabling the use of widely available, affordable IP connections to deliver broadcast-grade audio with no interruptions, glitches or drop-outs. It continues to provide a seamless audio stream, even when one of the contributory links suffers a total Loss of Connection. APT SURESTREAMER can also be deployed as a multicast or multiple unicast node to reduce Telco costs significantly by migrating the stream  replication function away from the source encoder and closer to the decoding devices.


The APT IP CODEC (formerly known as WorldCast Horizon NextGen) offers the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range and features both our revolutionary “SureStream” technology and intelligent ScriptEasy scripting. In addition, this next generation IP audio codec also offers a wide range of algorithms as standard on a solid DSP platform with dual IP ports and redundant power supplies. Despite the high feature density, the APT IP CODEC is extremely competitively priced.

APT IP Silver
The APT IP ENCODER Silver and IP DECODER Silver (formerly known as Stream-In/Stream-Out Silver) combine to enable affordable yet professional delivery of audio content over IP networks. Low on cost but rich in features, these units are perfect for standard broadcast applications such as STLs. Despite being one of the lowest cost solutions in the market,  they feature the renowned aptX Enhanced coding as well as linear audio as standard. The APT IP Silver devices also support SureStream for increased reliability.

The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC is a compact and efficient solution for the transport of multiple channels of audio or MPX content over IP links. It can support up to 16 channels of audio within a single unit of rackspace – and even more IP streams when using multicast or multiple unicast technology. The 1RU frame can accommodate up to 4 AoIP modules, each equivalent to a stand-alone stereo duplex codec combining audio, dual IP transport and auxiliary data on board. It offers the entire range of audio formats and modes meeting the audio industry’s requirements: simplex, duplex, AES/EBU, AES/EBU with analog backup, analog with HI/LO or 600Ω impedance.

APT IP/ISDN CODEC (formerly known as WorldCast Equinox) is a multi-algorithm, fully duplex, stereo audio codec offering IP, ISDN and X.21 / V.35 connections. Designed primarily for studio to transmitter links and interstudio networking applications, the APT IP/ISDN CODEC provides a reliable platform for the transport of broadcast grade audio with 24/7/365 reliability.


The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC can transport multiple channels of audio over T1 or E1 links. In its 1U Frame, it can accommodate up to 3 slimline audio cards delivering simplex/duplex and analog/digital audio via a universal 37-way D-type connector. Based on a rock-solid DSP-based architecture designed for round-the-clock operation, this modular unit offers hot-swappable cards for uninterrupted audio, redundant power supplies and exceptional audio quality with linear, aptX® Enhanced and many other coding schemes.


WorldCast MANAGER Server
Installed on a powerful data server, this global network monitoring solution can link a wide network of SNMP-enabled devices across multiple locations. It offers network discovery for automatic configuration, a friendly user interface and an in-built library of MIB files from leading broadcast manufacturers. It is a truly scalable solution that can be used as a simple monitoring system for a single station as well as a total control solution for an international network. Whatever the size, the status of the entire network can be visualized at a glance on a map-based view.

WorldCast MANAGER Desktop
The WorldCast MANAGER Desktop simplifies the management of all SNMP-enabled devices in a network, providing real-time status and visualization of multiple devices from a single screen. The intuitive and simple-to-use interface shows all devices located at your site(s) displaying product information, alerting you to any alarms and providing one-click access to the unit’s web-based control interface. As a PC application, the software is incredibly simple to install and operate and offers an in-built library of MIB files from leading broadcast manufacturers to make unit configuration easy for even non-SNMP experts.

With ScriptEasy, you can create a truly powerful, intelligent control system that can connect to many different devices in many different ways, at many different sites, and give you all the information you need to make sure your network is 100% operational, 24/7/365. It‘s a hugely powerful graphical application that can be used to configure IO‘s, write scripts and program specific actions to ensure you are always in control!


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